Friday, July 07, 2006

A PASSing thought

With Nathula Pass opening up, its Hindi-Cheeni bhai-bhai time again. The old Silk Route disentangles leaving us in a SILKtuation where all ROUTEna manana is over and trade is expected to flourish.

It is much to my delight when physical boundaries diminish and the hope that the stronger boundaries that we guard so protectively in our minds will someday diminish too, strengthens.

Just a couple of months back I was there! Yes, right there basking in the glory of seeing China on the other side of the barbed wire, going blue in the -5 degrees (or so we were informed) chill, gleefully gazing at Chinese snow and freaking out about being right on the border. We were surrounded by snow through most of the way to Nathula around mid-April but the photograph in the newspaper today was almost unrecognizable. Not a speck of snow!!!! I’m just so glad I went when I did, for as a resident of the urban grey, my tryst with white purity is limited. Here are the two photographs for comparison.

And here is the video shot on the way to Nathula.

More pics on Nathula here. (Click on the "more" button to the left under the photostream)


Deepak said...

Nice blog, keep it up

kumail said...

classy? u around ? awful quiet here.

Anonymous said...

Cool. no one would believe its the same place.. good writing

Anonymous said...

Cool. no one would believe it is the same place in the two photographs. Good writing.

The Illusionist said...

Omg Omg Omg... I'm probably the silliest thing around blogworld... i guess i unintentionally clicked the 'moderate comments' section and never realized there were comments until curiosity today made me click on the Tab n realize there were so many comments:(... my humble apologies to all of you who took the trouble to glance at the space... I guess i was too used to the straightforward rediff ways:).. will get rid of the moderating business right away:)

kumail... now u know why it was all quiet here:)... Anon.. ty:).... deepak . thanks:), tell me why cant i get through to ur site if i click on your provided link?