Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Moth

A liquid brown flutter in my hand,

A beating of desperate wings,

Luminescent colour on my fingertips,

Her gift to me- the colour of life,

My gift to her- the touch of death……

Some photos on the moth and me here


Grey Shades said...

Hey thanks for visiting! Jus realised today that you had dropped in a line there. :)

Loved this small verse though I wont agree with the last line!

anant said...

I found Fanaa silly too. The poetry looked as if it came from a franctic google search. The good, the bad, the ugly, the distinguished and the mediocre, put one after the other , without breathing space and without reference to context.

One or two shers bring a smile though, taken by themselves: Kehate hain ke ishq mein neend nahi aati, Koi hamse bhi ishq kare, kambhakt neend bahut aati hai yaar.

I like Kasarat-e-jalwa se too. Especially, Shauq ki deewaangi tae kar gayi kitne maqaam, aql jis manzil peh thi ab taq usi manzil mein hai. Though Iqbal Bano seems to have sung the melancholy and the witty shers in the same tone - but I guess that cannot be helped. And some shers I only understand the general drift of. What is the exact meaning of tanha Kharoosh-e-saaz kya?

Xill-e-Ilahi said...

thanks for dropping by. i dont think the second shair was faiz. but hell. im no expert :)

anant said...

Hi, I had left a comment on this blog. Wonder if you saw it at all?

Charly said...

hey, there. thanks for dropping by my blog. you got a good one here.

and dude, Colin Firth is hot. tell me you agree. lol.

Charly said...

ohh so how'd ya come across my blog?

The Illusionist said...

Hey grey..:D ( that kinda rhymed), i have to get morbid sumtimes n so thelast line:).. anant i have an explanation for not seeing ur comment earlier .. in fact im seeing all comments only today and explanation is on the 5th comment of the nathula post:(.. sorrie..haha@ kambakht neend bahot aati sher...and i doubt if Iqbal bano gets the entire druift of what she has sung anyways... kharoosh-e-saaz i believe means the wear n tear of the intstrument.. as in if ur heart is not involved whats the point of just wearing out the instrument.. orsumthign like that:).. charly u tell me whose Colin forth ad i promise to tell u he's hot...n i forgot how i came by ur blog.. this time i'll come by it by solowign the link on my comments section:).. xill-e.. me no expert either :)