Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Raat Youn Teri (Faiz)-Translation

Your forgotten memory, last night, came by,
As spring steals upon a garden deserted,
Amidst still sands, gently, as the morning breeze blows,
As an ailing man is simply comforted.

Original by Faiz:

Raat youn teri khoyi hui yaad aayi,
Jaise veeraane mein chupke se bahaar aa jaaye,
Jaise sehraon main haule se chale baad-e-naseem,
Jaise beemaar ko bevajah qaraar aa jaaye.


Kumail said...

A beautiful and simple translation of a beautiful and simple thought. You're the bestest, Sadia.

Kumail said...

Love the use of 'simply' w.r.t 'bevajah'

Siyaah said...

Very nice. I think it did require some interpretive translation in places, and you've done it justice. Still thinking about Faiz's use of 'bevajah' in the last line...wonder what he really means...

Sadia said...

Kumail: It is truly a simple and beautiful poem. in the present context, its "simply" beautiful :)

Siyaah: I think here "bevajah" means almost reasonlessly... like when one has experienced lasting pain and in the midst of it he feels suddenly comfortable, perhaps just temporarily... I understand this as that state...

Anonymous said...

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Kumail said...

@wsxwhx602...I'm sure that was very educative, enlightening and productive. Please post a translation too, for us lesser mortals. Unless its an ad for a lifetime supply of invigorating pills, which I have enough of in my spam folder.

Siddharth said...

Just one word! Awesome!

Kumail said...

Sadia, like it or not, there are some people who wait for your posts. Please indulge them.

Kumail said...

Aa, ki tujh bin is tarah, aye dost ghabraata hooN maiN, ki jaise har shayy meiN koi shayy ki kamii paata hooN maiN :)

aparna said...

Dear Sadia,
I just stumbled upon your blog today, over my morning cuppa (poetry-chaikhana) Brilliant work and a warm hug to you.
Have you also sometime posted any Persian poetry?? If so, I would love to know which archives to explore.
Love and light
Aparrna Sharma

Sadia said...

hey Aparna

Im a visitor here and no longer the host :) i rarely come here, just once in a while when i feel like looking back.
have been reading some of poetry chaikhana stuff lately :)
I have posted nothing in Persian. Urdu itself is a handful for me...