Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Karjat- Last Weekend

A warm dry afternoon, a browning green landscape, the trickle of a calmly flowing river, colourful, drying clothes, bathing buffaloes, thirsty goats, wet feet and a hot, mossy, slippery contentment.

This was Kondavane village, near Karjat on the mid October afternoon.

This is about the trip taken the weekend before last with a bunch of friends to a friend’s farmhouse near Karjat. On the way we pottered about some villages around the locality.

A wanted, needed, desired, appreciated and in retrospect, loved, break from the coffee pots of bubbling urgencies into a place where time like lukewarm aromatic tea stands still and waits to be sipped and enjoyed.

The evening of course involved a lot of rest, even more photography (where I was specifically told to get a life and take pictures of humans instead of frogs and insects), an awesome barbecue of chicken, peppers and paneer, with women doing all the cutting and marinating and men doing all the coal heating and cooking. This was followed by, two awesome games of pictionary and dumb charades where everyone fought, made up, accused, cheated and freaked out and finally tired as children surrendered to a blissful, unpeturbed sleep.

It was fun. A raw, juvenile, childlike state of merriment and delight.

Some of my favourite pictures from the trip are here:

The Ripple Of Content


Magenta Dragonfly

There's Water Afoot

Into My Parlour......

To be barbecued...

More Karjat snaps here


Siyaah said...

Nice snapshots. You have an eye for the sublime in the "mundane".

Mohib said...

I like the first one the best.

Welcome back!

Bashir Badr kaa ek sher,

hai ajab shah'r kii zindagii, na safar rahaa na qayaam hai
kahiiN kaarobaar sii do-pahar, kahiiN bad-mizaaj sii shaam hai

(I am not sure about 'bad-mizaaj', may be it was something else, but you get the drift)


kishore said...

loved your description and loved the place :)

The Illusionist said...

Siyaah: I'm glad u liked the pics :). I like them too :D

Mohib: U welcoming urself back??? this shud have been my line on seeing u here. been very busy? kaar-o-baar si dopaher ki masroofiyat?

Kishore: Thanks :)

karim said...

Nice trip.
The 2nd pic looks more realistic and potrays our country's beauty.

And i saved the 3rd pic....am i in copyright trouble now?:O

Chameleon's Karma said...

Got here from Youtube after waitching your Sunrise over the Himalayas video.
I run a travel blog - http://travelop.blogspot.com and have linked that video on my page...
I hope you don't really mind.. but will remove it if you have an objection.


footloose.slinger said...

last photograph ....three picture- perfect capsicums reflected on a glazed floor....no relevant cacophony of aesthetics.We roll around...

The Illusionist said...

karim: ur in no copyright trouble so far but the day I become the top league photographer (which is soon after I get my Nikon D50, which is soon after i get the money for it, which is not soon :(), I'll sue you :-D

chameleon: absolutely no objections to nothing. will check your site :). I'm quite a travel freak

Footsie: I love that pepper pic. Infact, You could almost catch me boasting about it :D

Chameleon's Karma said...

Thanks. I look forward to more contributions from you then.

footloose.slinger said...

good that u boast about urself ...u see things what I don't see.

YAGNA the IndiRock Band said...

Hi, came across ur blog thru youtube, beutiful photographs, I am a lyricist and found ur poetry nice, have started a blog too, do visit if u get the time. cheers

vikraant said...

Hi again!

Have also cross-posted this story on my blog!!


YAGNA the IndiRock Band said...

Thanks for ur warm wishes, we r back in india and bombay in early december for entering the murky world of deal making with record companies, so need all the luck and wishes

Zombie said...

ooooh, me liketh the golden web

The Illusionist said...

foots : yeah and i sumtimes dont see what is so obvious to others too :) like maybe the lack of aesthetics?, Waropie somehow got that raag across to me :0 he says I ought to thank u for bugging him to do so. thanks foots, I liked it :)

Yagna : my wishes are with all creative talent ever :) Hope to see you guys in action soon.

Vikraant: which is your blog? i cant seem toa ccess it. Can you please put in the url here?

Zombioooooooooo: my gal :) where have u been? ok i know i know you'd ask me the same question. trust me Id have the answers. Me too liketh the golden web. but the original was awesome

indscribe said...

Aisa mahsuus hota hai kuchh masruuf haiN, arsa hua blogging kiye hue!
kahiin shaa'eri meN to nahiiN munhamik ho gayiiN aap.

Chameleon's Karma said...

Its http://travelop.blogspot.com. Drop by sometime!

Chameleon's Karma said...

I guess it IS my Karma to show up sometimes as Vikraant!!
I guess my Blogger profile has a mind of its own!!

The Illusionist said...

Adnan: hadd se zyaada masroof hoon :)
Shairi se dil fareb hain gham rozgaar ke :D

Chameleon: oh so you are vikraant- the chameleon alter ego :). In that case i had checked your site earlier too :).

footloose.slinger said...

Zi.Ndagii Jab Bhii Terii Bazm Me.N Laatii Hai Hame.N
Ye Zamii.N Chaa.Nd Se Behatar Nazar Aatii Hai Hame.N

Surkh Phulo.N Se Mahak Uthati Hai.N Dil Ki Rahe.N
Din Dhale Yu.N Teri Avaz Bulati Hai Hame.N
Zi.Ndagii ...

Yad Teri Kabhii Dastak Kabhii Saragoshi Se
Raat Ke Pichhale Pahar Roz Jagaati Hai Hame.N
Zi.Ndagii ...

Har Mulaqat Ka A.Njaam Judai Kyu.N Hai
Ab To Har Vaqt Yahi Baat Satati Hai Hame.N
Zi.Ndagii ...

Dusty said...

I landed on your blog today, beautiful photographs-espc the second one. Loved the dragonfly as well.

Sally D said...

What a great blog you have, it almost makes you feel the atmosphere you present, it made me smile.