Thursday, October 19, 2006


He is born now

As the still night gives way

To the soft twilight

Small hands

Reach out to grab wisps of air

And render time breathless

Vibrant eyes,

Reflect the light

Of stars undiscovered

Unstable feet,

Hold the promise

Of playing in virgin soils

Of paths untrodden

His face, the destination

Of a pilgrimage of expression

His cry

The sound of inviting brooks

Whose ripples skip along the pebbles of time

As they travel to meet the rivers of tomorrow

Fragile, feeble, beautiful and whole

My ‘dream’ is born now


anant said...

Excellent. I am slightly drunk right now, but the small hands reaching out for those wisps of air, rendered me breathless too. What an expression. Wah!
Nice to see such a roubustly sunny poem from you - compare with your 'raindrop' and 'independance day'.
I feel inspired to write a poem 'what is she going to say next'. Maybe sometime.

Aside: haasil-e-umr-e-ravaan = ?

Siyaah said...

Esp the "small hands...breathless". Nice revelation in the end ("dream")...

Phoenix said...


Masood Nasser said...

beautiful. Have just been blessed with a baby boy and therefore this has struck a chord....

word_smith said...

you know...birth..creation...these words dont really strike a chord anymore with me...but still...your expression is beautiful;as usual.

word_smith said...

and;i guess;the expression,the style...the elegant superficiality is all that matters;doesnt it?

or maybe i will be savage(you aint given me the right,but i snatch it;as usual) and say...way "he" in the poem?why not a "she"?

or maybe;even worse..ask...why seek for the beauty?why go on a "pilgrimmage of expression"?
you may even say that you wrote a poem...and its not your job to explain it to every tom dick and harry,...and that would be the eay way out...but i am today the savage i guess...why not ask the question?

why not go the milton way and search for the dark in the light?isnt light after all a celestial parallax?so why bother?
why travel "to meet the rivers of tomorrow"?isnt today bad enough?and will tomorrow be any better than yesterday?

you are the poet...but every poet is a philosopher.poets are supposed toknow the meaning of life.

The Illusionist said...

anant: thanks :) haasil-e-umr-e-ravaa.n = all that has been obtained from the flow of life.

siyaah, phoenix, masood: glad you liked it :)

word: whew ok lemme try. why he?? i dont know. maybe I see a dream as a male like lets say happiness would be female :) just my own fundas :D

why look for beauty and travel to tomorrows; will tomorrows be better? Well there is a hope that they will. moreover there are days when there is this hope :).
Damn my morbid poems are so safe, they never get questioned :)

word_smith said...

its not a just a matter of questioning what u write,i would wish you to know that.

nor is it just a matter of morbidity.but it go.

regarding that question..u said u know.u would be right.

vibhor said...

dream is born now its time to nature it with care...
so taht ur dream can chnage into reality and can be a part of this beautiful world..

footloose.slinger said...


word_smith said...

i would like ur opinion on this..

word_smith said...

thank you.i appreciate the trouble you took;and i agree with you as regards the presentation of the last bit is concerned.i wont put up any excuses.i am to blame.perhaps it was not a properly thought out poem...but thanx.

The Illusionist said...

come on word-smith !!! it was a well executed piece of work. if u make excuses for your work, most people will have to give up writing :).

Tapasya said...

Wonderful! Fanatastic!

miz4ever said...

Well said....