Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Ye chand kabhi,
Ek angrez ‘tea planter’ lagta hai.
Roz raat ke siyaah ‘suit’ mein,
Apna gora chamakta chehra liye,
Bagaan ke beech guzarti hui,
Wahi raah chalta hai.
Kabhi pedo.n mein chhipta,
Kabhi apne ‘pipe’ ke dhue.ndaar baadalo.n mein gum.

Mai.n aksar usey dekhti hoon,
Apni yaado.n ke patte chunte.
Kabhi to uski nazar, mujh par bhi pade.

More pictures on moon here

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Mohib said...

Never read this metaphor before. Well tried.

Thanks for the link to beautiful Abida song on the sidebar. Never heard that too.

I am sure you would have listened to 'jalwa ba-qadr-e-nazar dekhte rahe' by Abida.

footloose.slinger said...

sweet surrender....from imagery to soul

footloose.slinger said...

heyy...sorry to bother u again. if u like Abida Parveen u would like this ghazal too by her


The Illusionist said...

Mohib I haven't heard it and for some reason some ports are blocked so am unable to hear any music online:(.

Footsie..above reason for not being able to get to this other ghazal too. These are the times I miss having a tech background :(

Anonymous said...

hmmm...shades of Gulzar...good metaphors...real nice.way to go, w2c....kumail.

arfi said...

As a child I used to sit captivated in a corner of my uncles living room, as impromptu urdu mehfils were held.

The sonorous sounds of that language are just a part of my childhood memories now, since living away from home I have lost the language skills quite a bit.

I appreciate that you are trying to write in Urdu, for my attempts so far, have failed miserably.

The Illusionist said...

Kumail :).. Gulzar won't take very kindly to this :D. Glad that u liked it

Arfi: It would be interesting to see those attempts nevertheless :)

How do we know said...

This is nice!

The Illusionist said...

how: thanks:)