Thursday, September 14, 2006

Another Life

We the weary travelers of the dark
Like the shadowed peaks of snow
In anticipation stood,
Humbled, tired, cold and drained
Waiting for another morning
To restore that which the night had sapped
Waiting for the benevolent sun
Armed with candles of rays
To light the altar of our hearts
As it lit the lamps of snow
To make us alive, to make us glow
Once again…….


Sharique said...

Phew! first time i ever heard a voice post..start podcasting now :)
You know i am an idiot with absolute no taste of poetry so really can't comment on how great it was :D

anant said...

Hi Sadia, great poem. I love the sun too - more than the moon I think. 'The humbled peaks' is a great idea. Also liked your previous poem...baagaan se guzarti hui wohi raah chalta hai...

First the moon and then the sun? Conincidence or intentional?

After reading your poem on the moon, I was writing one myself. Did'nt turn out so well, but I will post it anyway someday...

could not hear your voice post. Maybe I need to download something.

The Illusionist said...

Sharique: Don't take the trouble with how great it was.. I have a taste for poetry and I can tell you it wasn't all that great :).. Yeah was thinking of doing something with podcasting but somehow din't get round to doing enough R&D about it.

Anant: I see the coincidence only because you point it out:). Never mind how well the poem turns out. I don't think mine turned out too well either but i posted it nevertheless and so should you.. looking forward to reading it:)... About the video-- You can't hear it at all or is it broken? can u see the video through? ok try seeing it here:

footloose.slinger said...

we ,living in concrete jungle, should adapt our emotional wings to fly up the hills and remain unclued to why r we flying ?

-w-a-r-p-e-d--p-h-r-a-s-e- said...

i met'a'phor a drink..and she drained the juices outta me...amen@morning reprise..u dont seem like a morning bird now..or have the ole habits changed? get outta ur morbid cloak re classoo...hang it though..foots tellin me dis a romantic pome????? sounds like romancing the stone to petrified, stupefied, mortified, bhejafried too

sharique said...

BTW i was not at all me. I really have no taste of fact i find it to understand them! i often leave them for my courses

The Illusionist said...

footsie: is that a question :) if not its a fine and vague observation -very true to you:)

warpiooo: u punning???.. u got won over to punsters inc.(orrigible):D. Im no morning bird but went to darjeeling and got up at 3.30 to get to this sunrise place. and fer morbidity.. its an ole accomplice na:)

sharique: I wouldnt even remotely insinuate regarding u being sarcastic:)
read this space often enough and u either mite not want to come here or U'll stop leaving poems in ur courses:)

Anonymous said...

Its wonderful poem for me first reason being its written in simple words and potray lots!
Favourite lines were:
Armed with candles of rays

To light the altar of our heart

As it lit the lamps of snow

To make us alive, to make us glow

And excellent voice too!

-w-a-r-p-e-d--p-h-r-a-s-e- said...

duh claa..morbidity is fait accompli at tiz time u became an extentialist :D dunno how u get the plethora of thoughts at 3.30AM if u not the morning bird re..i remember our jambouree at the golden temple (amritsar) when we got up at 4 to watch the 'granth saheb' procession after going to sleep at 2am...all i could think was when am i goin to hit the sack next...the sight being a sight for sore eyes was as surreal as it could get.
BTW me no punster in ur class..just that the abundance of metaphors and similies contort the read for me...i guess am due for ur free 'shrink analysis' one of these days...mera job rakhna @ NEXT PLEASE..will get the gong!!

-w-a-r-p-e-d--p-h-r-a-s-e- said...

what abt this being a romantic pome though? temme foots lost his marbles re....not that he had it in the first place...aargh@foots being vague...that's set him thinking if anything ever did ;-)

footloose.slinger said...

that vague thing kills me 9if u know what I mean).
So I thought of quoting Pablo Neruda ...

I am the Pablo Bird, bird of a single feather, a flier in the clear shadow and obscure clarity,
my wings are unseen, my ears resound when I walk among the trees or beneath the tombstones
like an unlucky umbrella or a naked sword, stretched like a bow or round like a grape,

I fly on and on not knowing, wounded in the dark night, who is waiting for me,
who does not want my song, who desires my death, who will not know I'm arriving and will not come to subdue me, to bleed me, to twist me, or to kiss my clothes, torn by the shrieking wind.

That's why I come and go, fly and don't fly but sing: I am the furious bird of the calm storm.

(and I know...commenting back on poems ammounts to school blackboards)

The Illusionist said...

Karim: Thanks. Glad u liked it.

Warpie: Its morbid if u see it, romantic if foots sees it :) ok see it like this: wanting to be made alive wanting to glow.. romantic na:) If I become an existentialist Id probably just wallow in meaningless quandry and ud be the first one to say chuck that n come out:D.. free shrink analysis.. anytime:)

Foots: I dinno the "vague thing" kills u.. now shall say it with increased sadistic fervour:D. nice @ pablo neruda. "furious bird of the calm storm" : awesum

Mohib said...

1.) It was an awesome poem.

2.) It was an awesome rendition.

3.) It was an awesome video.

I really hate to be compared, so forgive me if you feel the same. Have you noticed that Rani Mukherjee has a voice similar to yours?

A couple typos:

We the weary travelers of (the) dark
To light the altar of our heart(s)

Please write more. I like your new profile pic as well.

Guess who has just ordered a new camera?

footloose.slinger said...

Existentialism, unlike other fields of philosophy, does not treat the individual as a concept, and values individual subjectivity over objectivity. As a result, questions regarding the meaning of life and subjective experience are seen as being of paramount importance, above all other scientific and philosophical pursuits.

And we have a Shrink here.

I wonder if I buy the Shrink or spend 'rest of my life' swapping a Shrink with an Existentialist. :-)


The Illusionist said...

Mohib: :) Thanks. Well I never myself thought that my voice did resemble Rani's, but I have been told so by a couple of people before you too :)
Typos shall be corrected with immediate effect. Thanks for pointing them out.
Which camera did you order???? Wow treat time on aks and flickr???. Even I want a better camera:(

Footsie: explain your sidey concept of buying the shrink. The ethics of swapping we shall delve into later:D

anant said...

Sadia, I somehow did'nt think your recitation did justice to your poem...wonder if you managed to say it exactly like you had in mind...

I understand the meaning of 'existentialism' somewhat better after reading footloose's comments.

Anonymous said...

nice one, classy...liked it...and footy,yaar, tu daaru peena phir se shuru kar de. ur becoming incoherent.....kumail.

Anonymous said...

I was actually scared its going to end with.. (c) Sadia 2006. thx for the simple Sadia instead :)

The Illusionist said...

Anant: Im not too sure about whether I wanted to say it exactly like that, but that was the closest I could manage to what I had in my mind. I'd have certainly preferred a better voice though:)

Kumail: thanks:) and I feel so supportive of your observation regarding foots

B: Welcome. Its been a while. Well yeah! I couldnt bear to dish out more than you could digest :P

footloose.slinger said...

Kumail chemistry, an alcohol is any organic compound in which a hydroxyl group (-OH) is bound to a carbon atom of an alkyl or substituted alkyl group.

Its all about bonding. :-)

Sadiaji ..when will u start supporting me ? :-)

contraddict said...

nice voice...

How do we know said...

Nice Poem Sadia . I dont usually discuss things a lot, bcs.well, one does not really believe that speech should do a lot in our lives.

Anonymous said...

really love the sound the wind makes in the backdrop of ur voice. Goes with the mood of the poem.

The Illusionist said...

contraddict: i like your nick:) and thanks

how: what you say reminded me of something that I had read in Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet". He says
"You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts;
And when you can no longer dwell in the solitude of your heart you live in your lips, and sound is a diversion and a pastime " :)

Arfi: Im so glad you noticed that it adds to the effect, as it took me some kind of trouble to download that wind sound from limewire. The original video did have a wind sound. However it was uncomfortably loud and harsh and punctuated by all the noise people around were making.

The Illusionist said...

foots: I support your definition of alcohol entirely :)

desiree said...


Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon you video, did you compose this yourself??? I was struck by the beautiful combination of word and image, thank you