Sunday, August 06, 2006

Jaswant (Don't) Singh

Taking calls is becoming increasingly difficult. What with extensive mobile technology. And then taking A Call to Honour? I mean honour is this far off place that calls for a tough journey. But our very own Jassoo is nothing less than the infamous Jassi (of the jaisi koi nahi fame). So…
Jassoo talks of Jasoos. Why? Jas want ing attention some say. A publicity stunt say others. I say that the above ‘mole’ or less fit the bill. So our fellow chooses his Modus operandi by providing some garma-‘Graham’ khabar. Harry Barnes, neighbor’s envoy owner’s ‘pried’, is then sorted out as the soul who will confirm the mole. But then he has a problem with “wrote” memory and says he has no knowledge of the man who wrote the letter. Like Ghalib would have said “Barnes ke dushwar hai har kaam ka aasaa.n hona. But it would not be too far off the mark to conclude that the episode has in it strong raw material for what contributes to political suicide, in this case through self-im-MOLE-ation.
The Congress has decided to call this a breach of privilege for walking the civil edge, which if the parliament house was to be at Juhu, would go down in history as the “Juhu Breach” (My affiliation for the place talks. Forgive it). The PM fed up of this nonsense forcefully says “aaj ki MOLE aqaat bas itni” and reinstates his preference for prime time “Jassi” than any cheap thriller of a Jasoos episode.

For me its A Call To Honourther post and the only mole I can think of in our government is the self proclaimed ‘Mole-I-am Sings Yadav’.

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Swadeshe said...

haha... awesome puns!
I JustWant Singh to come clean.
I wrote an angrier note

Anonymous said...

You know if you kill yourself now you'll probably get a full page in the yearbook. So, you know thats something to think about.

anant said...

You have made a nice mountain out of a mole hill :-) Mole-i-am-Sings Yadav, eh?
The PM's repeated implorations of 'Yeh Dil maange Mole' are falling on deaf ears.
But, seriously, this whole episode is getting mole and mole ridiculous, though at the same time, it is making mole and mole money for Mr. Jaswant Singh.

Mohib said...

This is awesome !

And now, will N(at)war Sing?

The Illusionist said...

Swadeshe: Poor fella Jaswant. You want him to come clean out of dirty politics. We expect the world eh?

Anon: I promise I'd just go die/dye, but im not greying yet:D

Anant: haha @ dil maange mole:D

Mohib: haha, we'll have to watch whether nattoo sings, but I'd think he was more of a dunce lover :D

HP said...

Nice Puns...