Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another Independence Day

Trudging among the corpses of lifeless emotions
Carrying in his bosom the grief of thousand deaths
His feet decayed and infected with pseudo secularism
His crown studded with gems reddened in the blood of martyrs
His head held high in leftover pride
Sadly humming songs of past splendor
Holding his crutches with weak hands
A tired and old Freedom limped past today…..



anant said...

Take heart, miss. Your bedside manner is not doing the 'tired and old' patient any good.

adorable said...

isi kayanat me aaee jigar ..
koi inqalab uthega phir ...
ke buland hoke bhi aadmi ...
dili khaishon ka ghulam hai ..

freedom from whom ? who made the boundaries ? wont the lines be redrawn tomm ...? wont others claim freedom tomm ? are they not free today ?

independence .. freedom .. emancipation ..... words .. words .. n more words ....

vibhor said...

its true we are celebrating our 59th independence day....but then the freedom from fear , from terrorist..what about this..when will we be able to free from all fear..

Anonymous said...

Ask not what others can do for you...a pretty grim view depicted there classioooo...lets hope its not a case wherein da shrink holds da pic as a placard n dats all u could see :-)

Hum honge kaamyaab ek din!!!

(limps back to his hole)

anant said...

Hi Sadia, just realized that you were the 'intensedepths' that had once left a comment on my post on Faiz's 'Dasht-e-Tanahai' (What a great poem, I feel like writing another post on it). Did you manage to find more Iqbal Bano cassettes?

And then there is Mehdi Hassan, in case you have'nt heard him, but I am sure you must have, sings AMAZINGLY...

The Illusionist said...

Anant..Atleast in the virtual world I should be allowed to despair:( and yeah I got some more Iqbal Bano stuff online and loads of mehdi hassan stuff:). Have to agree that he sings amazingly:. Just for the records "ado" who comments here also has procured loads of Iqbal bano stuff that he promises to share "someday" :D
and why not write another post on dasht-e-tanhai. This time i'll comment as fragmented impressions;)

Ado... u out(a)do yourself and my understanding of you :) "arent they free today?" set me thinking:)

Vibhor... I dont know when.. but we will someday :)

Warps... welcome..if only to chastise my morbidity :P but the above comment must make you happier :)and what to do warpie, morbid inclinations are more the rule than their exception, as you know :)

Anonymous said...

abhi chiraagh-e-sar-e-rah ko kuchh khabar hi nahin
abhi giraani-e-shab mein kami nahin aai
najaat-e-deeda-o-dil ki ghadi nahin aai
chale chalo ki woh manzil abhi nahin aai
Faiz Ahmed Faiz ( subh-e-aazaadi)

Sharique said...

btw if u haven't noticed all the google ads on ur blog are pro israeli :) and i wonder why google choose to put ads on terrorism insurance on ur independance day post

The Illusionist said...

Kumail... ye daag daag ujaala, ye shab gazeeda seher, wo intezaar tha jis ka, ye wo seher to nahi :(

Sharique... I noticed and with increasing despair, that I dont appear to sell what I say :D. There was this "smart Israeli men" (on sale or discounted prices or whatever) ad after the lebanon post too.
I should be writing a post called " My tryst with Irony" :)

shruti said...

hi dear,
very colourful post...
just love to see it

Sharique said...

"smart Israeli men" for sale and also discounted
give me the link the next time u see the ads :P

anant said...

yeah, go ahead and despair in the virtual world. I guess you have to conserve your cheerfulness for the pottier of your patients :-) :-) Don't mind, just kidding.
How is it being a psychologist? Knowing so much about human nature should either be depressing or very very amusing :-):-)

Ok. On a serious note, what is the exact meaning of shab gazeeda? And is it pronounced gazeeda or gaazeeda? And whose lines are these, have heard them before...

The Illusionist said...

shruti.. thanks:)

Sharique...well umm that discounted and sale thingy was my idea but nevertheless next time i see the link I'll ask on your behalf whether they'll give me by the "buy one get two free" scheme :P

Anant... awww dun call my patients potty. Actually theres something that I had written about insanity on my last blog. heres the link: http://intensedepths.rediffblogs.com/2005_13_02_intensedepths_archive.html

Ok on your serious note:D.. the poem is subah-e-azaadi which kumail talks about in his comment, penned by Faiz. Gazeedah literally means stung or bitten.In this context shab gazeeda seher would mean a morning thats stung by night or a 'night-bitten morn'. It is pronounced as 'gazeedah' :)

The Illusionist said...

oops the url dint come out well:(

A Soul In Exile said...

Independence day...

But Independence from what..!! for whom?

I can't relate to this Independence when me and half million of my people are still refugees in their own country and not even acknowledged by others.

footloose.slinger said...

what do u want him to be ?

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