Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Amidst a flurry of thoughts
Numbness feels so close

In windy deserts
Some days
Only stillness blows

Through gushing rivers
A transparent silence flows


Vik said...

Like the ever increasing entropy is
in some way
the order of the universe

[Welcome back! Missed your poems all this while:) ]

Mala said...


The Illusionist said...

I'm surprised u guys still check this space out . haven't been feeling very creative in the past few months vik :)

mala: how are u woman!! thought about u almost thrice lately :)

How do we know said...

this is beautiful!! I have a feeling it would be more mesmerising in HIndi or Urdu..what do you think?

Anonymous said...

not someone who enjoys the number game, but still... just seven posts for the entire year...
time for the new year resolution...

belated happy new year :)


The Illusionist said...

You freaking appear here after a whole year more or less and suggest new year resolutions to me mr cheeky :P
wishign you a great year ahead too :)

sandeip said...

a continuation?
(i hope u dont mind)
butterflies scream in the garden of life,
and by the banks of the frozen stream,
beauty goes to sleep.

the eyes in the mirror look down,
and the ugly face,
suddenly resembles my own.

good to see something on this page at last.happy new year.

Siyaah said...

"comfortably numb"?

Max Babi said...

lovely poem Sadia.
Were it slightly longer it could be put to music and sung...great words indeed.
Keep writing.

Kumail said...

na jaane kis liye ummeed-vaar baiThe haiN, ek aisi raah pe, jo teri rah-guzar bhi nahiN...kahan hain aap?

The Illusionist said...

sandeip: doesn't feel like a continuation but the mood is same and its nice :)

siyaah: yes comfortable indeed but the comfort of it is now causing discomfort.. weird creatures we humans, Don't seem to have comfort anywhere :)

Max: I'm glad you like dit. perhaps a really happy time for me would be when i could play the guitar to a song written by me and may be attempt to even sing it badly :)

Kumail: rahguzar to yehi hai... kuch dino.n se jaan boojh kar raasta bhoolne ka man kar raha hai :)

Anonymous said...

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