Thursday, December 14, 2006


Rest in Piece

Building Castles on the Ground

The pieces of the puzzle lay scattered
Destined to fit
Intended to be complete
But only partly fitted right
Like life...

The puzzle though,
Didn't allow forced fits
Why then does life?


HP said...



Siyaah said...

'Why then does life?'
Ah, now that is quite a puzzle...

But then, perhaps the 'forced fits' are 'only partly fitted right' - will they hold...

Reshma Anand said...

i guess since we dont have the finished picture as frame of reference - we try and plug around the pieces till they find their place.

is there a finished picture that we need to replicate though...or does the picture evolve as we go along...a question i ask myself often.

i had read your blog - intense depths a long time ago. glad to have found your new blog.

Anonymous said...

Let me try re-writing your pices of puzzle and the puzzle of life:

The pieces of the puzzle are left scattered
by those who want them to fit,
by those who want them to mean,

They conform to a pattern,
unlike life,which makes out a pattern,
the pieces are destined to fit
the life destined to make.


The Illusionist said...

Hp: thanks :)

Siyaah: who knows Siyaah, but sometimes i think they do. maybe for want of better alternatives :)

reshma: Im glad you're here too :)

Wandy: well done !!! :)

Tatavarty Kalyan said...

or is this puzzle not solved yet?...
let it solve itself till the fits are met.

footloose.slinger said...

Sadia....I thought of migrating from a masked blooger to an unmasked one(philosophically irrelevant). You may hit me @

The Illusionist said...

tatavarty: that's the way i try to go about it mostly :)

Footsie: welcome to the world of unmasked masks. I visited your blog but it doesn't let me comment as I am not a team member :(

Ashim dutta said...

heyy Sadia ...sorry ...the comment setting was set to 'team members only' by mistake. It has been reset now.

Anonymous said...

kahan hain aap? kumail.

The Illusionist said...

kumail: hum wahaan hai jahaan se hum ko bhi.. khud hamaari khabar nahi aati :). well in any case its time for a post soon :)